Minimum System AT89S51/AT89S52 | MicroControler is one device that almost known by electronics lover. This device often be used to control electronics appliances.In this time I will concentration in MCS51 courses. Why? because this mocrocontroler is enough to make simple to middle microcontroler project, like seven segment control, line Follower, rotating led, etc.
The story was begun when the writer very confort using AVR type, but immediatelly AVR price is very expensive.ATMEGA8 Rp 35.000, ATMEGA16 Rp 47.500, but AT89S52 only Rp 17.500.
By the way, I have some schematic circuit and the board.This schematic is very cool, because this circuit is completed with shift register ic to transfer serial data.but the board doesn't generated from the schematic diagram. this board just wait to etching procces.